You are a business owner.
Your customers want to interact with you.

But everyone wants to do it in different ways

All widgets give an excellent result, because they complement each other. Let's see more...

In what business does it work?





Food delivery


Over 500 different direction of business working with us

Now we have more than 25 000 clients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the USA.
Daily to the service connects 100-150 customers.
Widgets shows the result in almost any direction of business.

25% of customers are shy and want to chat through Live Chat

Many customers want to know more about products or services, but they want to do it anonymously or using a pseudonym. To communicate with the company through online chat for such clients is very important, as they can make a positive purchase decision. Your manager can be professional and the customer will make an order

7% of customers will be pleased to see the company's personal respect

Personal appeal to the site visitor is always unexpected. The visitor thinks that the director of the company noticed his presence on the site. The widget emits a message writing in real time and prompts the visitor to perform a key action

33% of customers want to contact you by phone

Your serious clients want to hear your professional voice, but leaving an application on the site they hope that you will call back to them at least by the evening. Receiving a free callback in 24 seconds - customers already want to buy from you, because this attitude to the client deserves respect. And confirms your reputation. 234-tuning will help you get the most out of the widget "CallBack"

5% of clients are prone to the effect of "queue"

Simulation of the live queue of customers or orders on the site stimulates our subconscious. From the distant centuries, the main rule of trade has gone unchanged: the queue creates a queue. I do not want to buy a product or use a service from a seller who does not have a clients

8% of customers are ready to buy only at a discount or on shares

For business, it is important that customers receive promotions and special offers. But the special offer has a benefit only in the presence of deadline. Create an ultra-useful proposal, create a timer and show it only to those who need it

14% of clients like to pass tests and polls

Each client should interact with your business. It is useful to create surveys and tests. But this tool can be transformed into a list of questions, the answers to which will show you which service needs of your clients. The answers to questions are exactly what you need to offer the client in 19 seconds after the end of the survey

8% of customers want to interact with you through social networks

Your customers are more comfortable interacting with your business through popular messengers. You can connect to one button on the website all different services for communicating with customers

On which sites can I install?

Your platform is missing or you writing your personal site yourself?

Don't worry! The widget can be installed on any site that supports the insertion of HTML-code! Ctrl+V :)

About Us

«The solution YanSer.biz was created because of unavailable prices for the most necessary business tools: website and widgets for increase of conversion. With an ultra-limited budget, cooperation with Yanser.biz becomes a real salvation for everybody who decided to pursue their own business and develop it»

With respect,
CEO Sergey Yankin

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