You can start using our solutions in 15 minutes, after a few simple steps.

How can I install it on my site?
For example, callback

Step 1

Install the code on the site before </body>

This takes 3 minutes. You can do it yourself using our instructions and video lessons or put the task to the programmer or ask to do us.

Step 2

On your site there will be a beautiful button with a tube

Visitors come to your site, click on the button, and will appear the form in which they enter their phone number.

Step 3

The service automatically calls your manager and your client

The service automatically calls your managers whose numbers you set up in your account. As soon as the manager picked up the phone, the service automatically calls the customer and connects him to the manager. On average, communication with the client is organized in 17.5 seconds.

Step 4

You will receive new request from the client

In the mail, in the Telegram or via SMS, you will receive a message with information about the visitor (name, advertising campaign, UTM tags and more), as well as recording a conversation with your manager.

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About Us

«The solution YanSer.biz was created because of unavailable prices for the most necessary business tools: website and widgets for increase of conversion. With an ultra-limited budget, cooperation with Yanser.biz becomes a real salvation for everybody who decided to pursue their own business and develop it»

With respect,
CEO Sergey Yankin

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