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     In any business, small or large, the presence of a website plays an important role. After the creation of the website, the main task appears - the study of KPI - conversion. Conversion is the ratio of the flow of people to the number of customers. For example, a conversion of 2% means that out of 100 people, only 2 people wanted use your services.

We spend large budgets on various advertisements: contextual advertising, SMM, promotions, discounts, prizes, gifts and much more. All the same, the conversion does not yield significant growth.

But many visitors of your website are 100% target audience. And everyone can interact with your site in different ways. Someone will want to write anonymously in the online chat and someone attracts a pop-up special discount. Each of your customers wants to buy from you, so you can configure the appropriate widget for all types of your clients.

For example, you are the owner of a dental clinic. To increase the conversion on the site, you configure the "Herd Instinct" widget and "online chat". As a result, the visitors of the site see that they can contact to you directly through the website, as well as they seeing a simulation of a "live traffic of clients" on your website, for example: "today there is only 1 place to write" or "leave the request to 1 p.m. and get a free survey"

About Us

«The solution YanSer.biz was created because of unavailable prices for the most necessary business tools: website and widgets for increase of conversion. With an ultra-limited budget, cooperation with Yanser.biz becomes a real salvation for everybody who decided to pursue their own business and develop it»

With respect,
CEO Sergey Yankin

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