"If you're not a risk taker,
you should get the hell out of business"

Raymond Albert «Ray» Kroc

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Landing page

   Do you take the first steps in business? Start with a one-page site that will fully reveal your service, show your competitive advantages and tell about your successfully implemented projects and tasks. A one-page site is able to accept online payment and collect customer contact information.

Cost: $ 349 / year

Sold: 12 times

Upgrade style

    Do you have an old website that needs to be updated? Yes, this is to do urgently! New modern design will work for you! We will create and launch two versions of the website: the PC version and the Mobile version. We will save the current promotion of your domain name and improve its position!

Bonus: Widget "Callback": 100 minutes

Cost: $ 1390

Sold: 4 times

New business

    Do you have an existing business, but your business is not on the Internet? Leave a request and get a website with a unique design. We will fully transfer your unique style and your brand to your website. We will also connect some necessary Widgets to increase number of new customers!

Bonus: Widget "Callback": 200 minutes

Bonus: Widget "Fiery Live Chat": 1 year

Cost: $ 2990

Sold: 7 times

About Us

About Us

«The solution was created because of unavailable prices for the most necessary business tools: website and widgets for increase of conversion. With an ultra-limited budget, cooperation with becomes a real salvation for everybody who decided to pursue their own business and develop it»

With respect,
CEO Sergey Yankin

With respect,
CEO Sergey Yankin

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