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your customers
- You earn.

  So easy

You can sell our IT solutions on your behalf, telling customers about the benefits of our widgets for their business.
Our experts will customize and install the widgets on the websites to your customers. We will take care of all the services. We will solve all problems.

Step 2: benefits of IT-solutions

Tell your customers about the benefits of the new service. How a new IT solution will help their business. Give examples of interaction with customers before and after installing the widgets. Offer a free period for testing!


Conversion: 1-2%


incoming calls


incoming mails


new sales


Conversion: 5-7%


incoming calls


incoming mails


new sales

Step 3: be our partner

All our products are sold by subscription model. This means that
the customer buys the product more than once, and pays for it every month.


Cost of package: 300 $

Your deposit: 390 $

Profit of package: 90 $

Max points: 1


Cost of package: 1 000 $

Your deposit: 1 350 $

Profit of package: 350 $

Max points: 3


Cost of package: 3 000 $

Your deposit: 4 500 $

Profit of package: 1 500 $

Max points: 10

Platinum Black

Cost of package: 5 000 $

Your deposit: 9 000 $

Profit of package: 4 000 $

Max points: 20

To see all the benefits of our affiliate program you can look into the marketing plan

Step 4: to install widgets

1. Attach your client to your partner account. Just click on button

2. Send the client to our customer care service. Done!

Step 5: to earn

Screenshot of my account 2017/12/05:

Basic balance: $ 13,457 / deposit: $ 11,300
Bonus left team: 21 ($ 630)
Bonus right team: 0 ($ 0)

Main your earning:

While you have money in a deposit balance, you will receive a reward of 100% of the cost of the product + your personal added price

Basic balance

← 100 % ←
no limit

Deposit balance

Second your earning:

As soon as your deposit is over, all sales of products will go directly from the company, and you will receive up to 30% from all sales

Basic balance

← 30 % ←
no limit

Any sales

Next your earning:

You can build your own network and your partners will earn money for you. You can create an additional brand, under which you can sell our products

Basic balance

← limit: $ 50,000/week ←

Your partners

More info: marketing plan

*the withdrawal of funds to the card takes from 3 to 15 minutes (up to 72 hours: it's depending on the bank works)

About Us

«The solution was created because of unavailable prices for the most necessary business tools: website and widgets for increase of conversion. With an ultra-limited budget, cooperation with becomes a real salvation for everybody who decided to pursue their own business and develop it»

With respect,
CEO Sergey Yankin

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